Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach has admitted he feels “like a piece of shit” because he’s been unable to reunite with the band.

During a recent conversation with Metal Hammer, Bach opened up about his time with the glam metal group.

“For me, doing three albums with Skid Row, I was just getting started," the singer admitted. "I didn't think it would be over and done with so quick.”

In 1996, Bach split from the band following months of mounting tension. Things came to a head when Skid Row was offered the chance to open for Kiss, but the other members turned it down due to scheduling conflicts, greatly angering Bach. The singer exploded at his bandmates, leading to his dismissal.

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More recently, Bach has expressed interest in reconvening with his former group. The feeling has not been reciprocated, but the frontman still holds out hope that a reunion could come together.

“I can definitely see that happening considering they play the same songs I play," he noted. "When I get a substantial royalty check for an album I did with musicians that I haven't been in the same room with since 1996, I feel like a piece of shit. Because we should be giving something back to the fans that have made this great life possible.”

Is Sebastian Bach Touring?

Bach recently announced a 2024 North American tour in support of his new album, Child Within the Man.

Meanwhile, Skid Row said goodbye to their most recent singer, Erik Gronwall, who left the group to focus on his health. The band announced that Lzzy Hale will be fronting Skid Row for a handful of dates later this year, however a permanent replacement has not been revealed.

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