Sebastian Bach has detailed the profanity-laced tirade that was the “final straw” in his exit from Skid Row.

It was 1996 and the band’s commercial appeal had faded amid the grunge and alt-rock revolutions. An offer came in for Skid Row to open for Kiss on their reunion tour, and Bach – who idolized Gene Simmons and company – jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, he didn’t consult with his bandmates before accepting.

“The bass player (Rachel Bolan) had a side project, a punk band that he got together with the road crew guys from Skid Row,” Bach recalled during a recent appearance on the Wild Ride with Steve-O podcast. “And they were busy. And he couldn’t do the gig because of his side project.”

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Bach was furious and he made his feelings clear.

“I called the guitar player (Dave Sabo) and let him know what I thought,” Bach explained. “He didn’t pick up, so I just went, ‘You fucking motherfucker!’ And I just let him know what I thought of them not letting me play with Kiss at the reunion tour of Kiss in New Jersey at the Meadowlands arena.”

Bach left his aggressive tirade on Dave Sabo’s answering machine, but the guitarist was far from the only person who heard it.

“He goes, ‘My whole family heard that fucking message,’” Bach recalled Sabo telling him. “That came out of the fucking speaker and my whole family was there.”

“That was the last straw,” Bach admitted. “And if you ask the bass player and them, they’ll say there was a lot of shit leading up to that. But that was the very last straw.”

In December, Bach released his first new single in nearly a decade, "What Do I Got to Lose?"

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