Sebastian Bach still has months to go before he releases his autobiography through HarperCollins next January, and things are already getting a little testy between the singer and his publisher.

Judging from a May 26 Facebook post, Bach wasn't consulted before the company put out a press release announcing the planned Jan. 19 release date for the book, titled 18 and Life on Skid Row. Although it was published at the HarperCollins website, Bach says the synopsis is "really not descriptive of the words in the book I have written."

Hello, there are media reports today on the Internet about my book which will be coming out in January. Yes my book is...

Posted by Sebastian Bach on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bach doesn't mention specifically which passages from HarperCollins' description rubbed him the wrong way, but it reads as follows:

In this uncensored, unfiltered memoir, the musician and former front man for Skid Row tells the story of how a choir boy became a mega-successful hair metal god, rode the wave of fame in Heavy Metal’s heyday, and came out alive on the other side when glam rock went the way of the cassette tape and the Walkman.

Sebastian Bach is an iconic rock vocalist who has sold in excess of twenty million records worldwide. Best known for his powerful high vocal range and his flowing blonde locks, he’s been a stand out member of the metal music scene since he was fourteen. From first joining Kid Wikkid, Bach has rocked out with Skid Row, Madam X, The Last Hard Men, The Frogs, and Frameshift, and with famous friends such as Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Soundgarden, Pantera, and Guns ’N Roses.

But eventually the party bus stopped and the rock star grew up. Yet the fun didn’t end. Bach established a successful solo career as an actor, musician, and singer, appearing on numerous television shows and on Broadway. In this no-holds-barred memoir—raw, powerful, wild, funny, and reflective—he charts his unconventional childhood, first in the Bahamas and then in his rise from small-town Canada to the world’s greatest concert stages to the Great White Way and beyond.

There’s the usual sex, drugs, parties, women, hair products, and headbanging rock ‘n’ roll, but there is also a lot more. Here is a rock star who can write, tell a great story, and has kept his career moving forward despite the changing musical landscape. Through it all, this talented artist remained devoted to his craft, and to having a damn good time.

As Bach points out during his recent appearance on Dee Snider's new Snider Comments podcast, he came up in the music industry during a time when decisions about what to release and how to promote it were made much more deliberately. Joking that his latest label, Frontiers, will offer a record deal to anyone even tangentially connected with the classic rock scene, he expresses frustration with the way his most recent releases have been promoted.

"For the first time that I can remember, I'm not working on a new record — and it feels f---in' great," laughs Bach. "Like, stop with the f---ing floodgates. You can't just put out a record with no plan for what happens after it comes out, you know? You have to have a plan and s---."

With Snider agreeing emphatically (after jokingly complaining that he hasn't been offered a Frontiers deal), Bach goes on to decry the way self-editing has become something of a lost art. "We used to, like, make videos and produce s---, and we live in a first draft world," he argues. "The first thing you write — post that. The first picture you take — post that. Just 'cause I took it, put it up! The first thing you do, put it out. Don't go over it. Don't pick, like, the best picture out of 10 — put all f---ing 10 up. What the f---? In Skid Row, we would do photos all day. Like nine hours. And we would go through hundreds, if not thousands of pictures, and pick like two."

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