With one week to go before the Nov. 20 release of their R40 Live CD and DVD/Blu-ray, Rush has issued another video. You can watch them perform "Subdivisions" above.

The R40 Live tour, which took place earlier this year, was a celebration of their 40th anniversary. The band that it was likely to be their last-ever major tour due to the toll that being on the road has taken on their bodies as they age.

"Playing the way [Neil Peart] does is very, very difficult on his body," Alex Lifeson said. "He has chronic tendonitis in his arms and he’s had problems with his shoulders. It’s just getting to the point, no matter how much we love doing it, that it’s much more demanding and much more difficult.” However, he insisted that the band will not be breaking up

The concerts they used for this release were taken from their two-night stand at the Air Canada Centre in their hometown of Toronto, with a setlist that went in reverse chronological order, beginning with songs from Clockwork Angels and concluding with "Working Man" from their debut.

"Subdivisions" was the second single from 1982's Signals, reaching No. 8 on the Mainstream Rock chart. The song is a commentary on life in the suburbs, with the chorus saying, "In the high school halls / In the shopping malls / Conform or be cast out / In the basement bars / In the backs of cars / Be cool or be cast out."

This is the fifth video from R40 Live the group has released since announcing it in early October. The other four were "Roll the Bones," "Closer to the Heart," "Spirit of Radio" and "Tom Sawyer."

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