Pearl Jam kicked off a short new U.S. tour on Aug. 8 with a return to their hometown of Seattle for the first time in five years. They delivered a 33-song show at Safeco Field, including a debut cover of the White Stripes’ “We’re Going to Be Friends” and a version of Brandi Carlile’s “Again Today” that featured a guest appearance by Carlile.

The first of two home shows – the second takes place on Friday – was the centerpiece of an anti-homelessness drive that has so far raised $11.5 million, including a donation of $1 million from the band.

“We’re just talking about what songs we’re gonna play,” Vedder said before the White Stripes cover. “I feel like a waiter with too many tables – I want to make sure everyone’s happy.” He then dedicated the song to “my friend Jack,” presumably meaning Jack White.

The sold-out tour runs until Sep. 4; Vedder will later play two solo shows, one each in September and December.

Pearl Jam, Safeco Field, Seattle – Set List

“Long Road”
“Low Light”
“Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town”
“Do the Evolution”
“Throw Your Hatred Down”
“Mind Your Manners”
“Lightning Bolt”
“Given to Fly”
“All Those Yesterdays”
“Even Flow”
“Help!” (part)
“Help Help”
“Setting Forth”
“I Am a Patriot”
“We’re Going to Be Friends”
“Nothing as it Seems”
“Let Me Sleep”
“Again Today”
“State of Love and Trust”
“Wasted Reprise”
“Better Man”
“Comfortably Numb”
“I’ve Got a Feeling”
“Rockin’ in the Free World”
“Yellow Ledbetter”

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