Pearl Jam

Like Nirvana, Pearl Jam came out of the early-‘90s Seattle music scene that gave birth to the decade’s alternative-rock revolution. But where Nirvana spiked their punk with classic-rock riffs, Pearl Jam sheltered their classic-rock muscle in punk-rock fury. Frontman Eddie Vedder helped the other members of the band pick up the pieces of their previous group, Mother Love Bone, after their singer died. Vedder was smarter, sharper and a better singer than most of his alt-rock peers, which helped drive their debut album, ‘Ten,’ to the top of the charts. For the next few years, Pearl Jam were untouchable, debuting at No. 1 with a string of records. But by the end of the decade, Vedder and the band started to get more contemplative, and the music turned less anthem-sized. They’ve become a more ambitious group in the process, while maintaining some of their rock ‘n’ roll toughness.

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