The rock & roll library just keeps expanding! The latest to add his life to the ever-increasing stack of life stories is none other than Peter Criss. The once (and forever) Kiss drummer will issue 'Makeup To Breakup' on October 23 via Scribner, which is an imprint of the publishing giant Simon & Schuster. A press release assures us "'Makeup To Breakup' will be Peter Criss' unvarnished and eye-opening life story. From sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll to multiple brushes with death."

Speaking with Artisan News, Criss said of his bio, "It's about my life. Of course, it's about drugs, sex and rock and roll, but it's about my parents, my growing up, getting through Brooklyn, going through gangs, getting into drugs, getting out of them, getting through cancer. I'm four years free of cancer now. I'm doing great."

Criss, who is also working on a new album, is getting some help putting the book together from noted author Larry 'Ratso' Sloman, who has previously worked on books by Howard Stern and Anthony Kiedis, as well as penning his own books on Bob Dylan and Abbie Hoffman among others.

"I hope you enjoy the ride." Criss said of the book, "The best of all is I get to share my true feelings of my love for God, family, friends and fame. It's been a wonderful life."

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