Nikki Sixx wants to write new music with Motley Crue, but he’d like the results to be “imperfect.”

They last recorded together in 2018, preparing four tracks for the biopic The Dirt. Sixx now confirms that a new Motley Crue album is something he’d consider, namechecking Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath among the possible influences.

“I would love to make some music with the guys again,” Sixx said an interview with SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk. “I would love to get really simple and really raw and really dirty. And that's something I’m inspired by now. It might be a new band or stuff I’m listening to [like] the simplicity of 'Black Dog.’ You listen to that and you're like, 'Man!’”

He continued: “Some of the stuff that's out right now is so good but it's also so overproduced. Sabbath had the same kick-drum sound as Zeppelin, the same kick-drum sound as Aerosmith, the same guitar sound. It bothers me that so much stuff sounds the same, yet it's also really good — really good hooks, really aggressive, really exciting.”

Sixx went on to discuss bands from later generations, singling out Greta Van Fleet’s debut EP. “What everybody liked about that is it was just simple and raw and passionate,” he said. “And the same with the Struts and stuff like that. There was some innocence to it. And I think that there's so much technology out there that we can fall prey to making it perfect. And I would love to make maybe some imperfect music.”

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