Neil Young / Dave Grohl

Neil Young released a new version of the song 'Sign of Love' from his current 'Le Noise' yesterday, with special guest drummer -- Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters -- added to the mix of this previously guitar and vocals-only track.

We're not studio experts, but it doesn't sound like Neil recorded new parts for this re-release.  His heavily processed guitar riffs and ragged vocals seem to have been supplemented with Grohl's drum work somewhere later down the line. If you're already familiar with the original version, to be honest, the drums don't add a lot. Neil's guitar playing already tells you where the rhythm is, you know?

Still, it's a great song, and if this fleshed-out version gets more people to check it out, that's great. Lyrically, Neil's once again exploring the power of enduring love as he stares old age in the face: "When we both have silver hair and a little less time / But there are still some roses on the vine / You can take it as a sign of love when I look at you / When I'm looking at you for a long, long time."

Why Young put this version out now -- after the tour for 'Le Noise,' which we reviewed here, has just finished, and with the release of a previously vaulted country-rock live album and a Buffalo Springfield tour starting next month -- we can only imagine. Still, it's a pretty interesting curio, and a reassuring sign that Neil keeps experimenting and marching to his own drummer.  Well, in this case, Nirvana's drummer.


Listen to 'Sign of Love' by Neil Young Feat. Dave Grohl

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