Mötley Crüe made their final tour stop in Miami last night, and it sounds like it wasn't a fond farewell.

Bassist Nikki Sixx apparently didn't like some of what he saw when he looked out over the crowd — specifically the sight of multiple concertgoers in the front row who were taking selfies during the show instead of getting into the music. Sixx took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the members of the audience who were glued to their phones, firing off a series of tweets admonishing fans who've lost touch with the concert experience.

Drummer Tommy Lee also weighed in after the show, though he struck a more conciliatory tone, describing the concert as a "s---show" and apologizing for what went awry while noting, "well ... I played good!"

While Lee didn't specifically address what went down during the concert, other Twitter users referenced the antagonism between Sixx and the selfie-takers in the front row, with one onlooker accusing him of "spitting on the audience throughout the show."

None of the comments came from fans claiming to have been spit on, but one follower did post a few seconds of footage purporting to capture part of the showdown between Sixx and people near the stage.

Whatever went down in Miami, the band look to get things back on track Sept. 4, when they touch down in New Orleans for the next stop on what's being billed as their final tour. For a complete list of upcoming shows, visit their official site.

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