CNN's Kiss profile is so in-depth that it reaches marrow. For the special 'Kiss Inc.,' which will premiere on CNN Presents Sunday, Oct. 23 at 8:00 PM ET, the band granted Poppy Harlow an all-access pass while on tour. She even sat in during one of their famous makeup sessions and applied some products to Gene Simmons' face.

Simmons and Paul Stanley reveal some of their beauty tips and tricks, so all you female Kiss fans and aspiring musicians in Kiss cover bands should take notes. Simmons said that their face, er, war paint doesn't drip off because "we bake it in" and apply several layers.

Stanley has his own dressing room apart from the other three members -- can you say diva? -- and he revealed that his secret is cheap red lipstick while demonstrating his application techniques. He also explained that he wears knee pads since his knees are reduced to essentially scar tissue at this point.

Stanley also applies fake nails, but for a practical reason, not a cosmetic one! Stanley says he plays guitar so hard that he wears through his fingernails, so he attaches a fake nail and cuts the tips, so it acts as a shield to protect his fingers. How resourceful.

Simmons also revealed that the band makes around a cool million per show. We're not surprised, since the jet that much of the footage in this clip was filmed on doesn't pay for itself. The private chef doesn't work for free, either.

Watch a Preview of Kiss on 'CNN Presents Kiss, Inc.'