Joe Perry is one of several artists included on the new Bob Dylan tribute CD, 'Chimes Of Freedom.' The compilation celebrates not only Dylan's 50th anniversary as a recording artist, but also 50 years of Amnesty International, the much-respected human rights organization.

On loan from Aerosmith, Perry delivers a very cool rendition of 'Man Of Peace,' a song that first appeared on Dylan's 1983 album 'Infidels.' With so many Bob songs to pick from, how did he arrive at 'Peace?' "'Infidels' is one of my favorites," he told The Huffington Post, "and on that record, 'Man Of Peace' is the one that comes to mind first. I know that this one's a little more esoteric, so it was like, this is the one I wanna do."

Speaking with Fox News, Perry said it was like "thin ice to cover an artist as iconic as Dylan," and added, "not only are his songs brilliant, but his performances of those songs have become so revered themselves. Hopefully you don't make it different just for the sake of making it different. I just wanted to kind of reinterpret." Perry went on to say, "Dylan's style of songwriting comes from such a long history of the traditional folk-blues, the songs are basically simple in their construction, so there's so much room for interpretation in there."

Summing things up, Joe concluded, "If any songwriter has been a major contributor to the soundtrack of that generation, of our generation, it's Bob Dylan"