You might love the music of Kiss, and you might even be one of the band's biggest fans. But you're probably nowhere near as passionate (or whatever you want to call it) as the person who just dropped nearly a quarter of a million dollars for a piece of Gene Simmons' used chewing gum.

KISSopolis reports that the gum sold via an eBay auction, with all proceeds going to the Street League organization, a charity that uses sports programs to try and help combat youth unemployment in the U.K.

Sounds like a good cause, but as for whether that justifies spending such an outrageous sum on a piece of previously chewed gum -- even if it has graced the molars of the Demon -- well, we'll have to leave that up to the winning bidder. (For the record, eBay tallied 99 bids on the auction in all, so more than a few people clearly wanted to own this particular piece of memorabilia.)

According to Kissopolis' report, Simmons chewed said gum on the set of the British television show 'Soccer AM,' making a promotional appearance as part of his trip overseas to sing the national anthem before the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Minnesota Vikings in London on Sept. 29. Here's hoping the gum's new owner has enough money left over to buy some nice gallery lighting for his or her investment.