Add David Lee Roth's name to the many rockers who have given us Christmas songs. With the message of "Happy Holidays from Diamond Dave's Tiki Bunker," he uploaded a new video to 'The Roth Show's' YouTube Channel.

The untitled track is done in the style of Woody Guthrie's talking blues, as popularized by Bob Dylan on his earliest records: a few acoustic chords, some harmonica and a whole lot of surreal imagery. Its lyrics depict a dream in which Santa Claus comes by Dave's place. They drink. Elvis Presley and Oprah Winfrey make cameo appearances. There's a family of vampires living next door, selfies and a menorah.

Meanwhile, the video offers dancing tikis, Betty Boop, a volcano. A sign reads, "Welcome to Trader Dave's. Season's Greetings!" Don't read too much into it.

The song is only two minutes long, so it's possible it took longer for Roth to set up the equipment and record the song than to write it. But that's also part of its charm. You can view it above.

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