Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen was the guest on last night's (Oct. 15) episode of 'That Metal Show,' along with Graham Bonnet, former singer of Rainbow. The checkerboard pattern-loving Nielsen recalled some of his best times on the road with his band, revealing that while on tour with Kiss, he was once hit in the head with an empty bottle of Jack Daniels. Despite the projectile making contact with his noggin, he kept on playing.

Nielsen, who started out as a drummer and whose parents were opera singers, also reminisced about touring with AC/DC and revealed that he took late singer Bon Scott to his first Mexican restaurant ever for a meal of Scotch and tacos. He called Scott a "swashbuckler" and pointed out that he had a swagger that's not since been replicated.

Bonnet, who replaced Dio in Rainbow, recalled the time when he joined the band, saying he never thought he'd get the gig since he didn't look the part and liked '50s doo-wop. "I had short hair and never wore Spandex," he joked in his cheeky British humor. "They asked me if I wanted to sing this song, and I was frightened of messing it up, so I didn't sing on microphone; I stood back. Then, they said, 'You got the job, but can you sing on microphone?"

This particular episode of the weekly series was certainly less "metal" and more classic rock. Perhaps they should have rechristened it 'That Classic Rock' show for just this week!