A rare AC/DC Australian only 1976 tour program sold for $1500 during an eBay auction and, considering its limited availability it’s surprising that it didn’t fetch more. Tagged as the “holy grail” of AC/DC collectables this tour program is a rarity for two reasons: it was issued only in Australia and it was quickly banned!

This tour book was issued in 1976 during the band’s ‘A Giant Dose Of Rock & Roll’ tour and a very limited number of the programs were produced. Created for the bands ‘down under’ gigs only makes it scarce but considering the small number of shows planned (around 20 total) now we’re talking mega-rare.

A few shows into the tour the program was withdrawn forcibly by the authorities because the powers that be deemed AC/DC to be a threat to the social morals of Australia’s youth. A certain minister of the Australian parliament denounced the band as “a cause for the moral decline in the nation’s youth.”

A politically incorrect quote on bassist Mark Evans’ page detailing what he wished to do with Rod Stewart's then wife Brit Eklund, combined with the negativity generated due to guitarist Angus Young’s strip/moon routine, bred enough high voltage to shut the presses down. The tour program was pulled immediately and all production was stopped on making future copies.

The seller is a longtime AC/DC collector who has looked for this tour book endlessly and claims to have never seen one on eBay before. Why the seller decided to sell after finally scoring a copy is unknown but by the looks of the winning bid ‘A Giant Dose of Rock & Roll’ is worth a giant sum of dough.



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