ZZ Top's fever dream of a planet filled with women goes up against Creedence Clearwater Revival's UFO anthem in the opening round of our Rock Star Wars tournament.

To try and fill our days between now and the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, we’ve tracked down 32 space-themed classic rock songs and paired them off against each other in 16 first-round battles. The field will be halved every week based on your votes, until only the spaciest song in rock history remains standing.

In this matchup, we're pitting ZZ Top's "Planet of Women" against Creedence Clearwater Revival's "It Came Out of the Sky." Neither band's catalog is exactly known for flights of interstellar fancy, and although "Planet" comes from the Top LP Afterburner — whose cover depicts the band's signature speedster soaring away from Earth — it really isn't the sci-fi rocker its title might suggest, instead painting a jittery picture of a man who doesn't know how to handle the bevy of babes surrounding him on a day-to-day basis. Sounds like a pretty nice problem to have, right?

"Planet" goes up against a CCR deep cut from Willy and the Poor Boys, one of several classic records released during the band's torrid barrage of music throughout 1969. While not one of the album's hits, "It Came Out of the Sky" earns a place of distinction in the band's catalog through its depiction of the hysteria that ensues after a farmer spots a UFO touching down "just a little south of Moline."

So, which of these songs will emerge victorious from this round? It’s your choice. You can listen to both tracks below, and vote once per hour in each of the this round's Rock Star Wars battles until polls close on Nov. 23 at 11:59PM ET. Your choice for our Rock Star Wars champion will be revealed on Dec. 22, 2015.

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