The ever-shifting members of Yes took a full decade between their last two studio albums -- and lost lead singer Jon Anderson along the way -- but it sounds like they might be thinking about following up 2011's 'Fly from Here' sooner than later.

Longtime bassist Chris Squire broke the news to Billboard, describing their current creative process by saying, "We're already looking at bits and starting to gather music together. It's really just in the germination stage at the moment."

The band's next studio set will be its 21st -- and, barring yet another lineup change, its first with new singer Jon Davison, who stepped in for Anderson's replacement, Benoit David, earlier this year. "Jon is also a writer, so he'll be bringing something to the table to add to the Yes mix," Squire mused. "He's definitely a creative spirit, so we're looking forward to that new material with him, and hopefully we'll get a refreshed new Yes studio album."

However, drummer Alan White isn't so sure a new record is on the near horizon. "We are thinking about it, let’s put it that way. I wouldn’t jump the gun too much," he countered in an interview with Classic Rock Magazine. "It is a possibility. We are all thinking about it and we have some ideas to make a new album. I’ve got ideas about what is should be, as does everyone. It will happen when it happens."

One thing Yes can agree on is that whomever happens to be in the band on March 1 will be hitting the road for an ambitious series of casino shows that will treat audiences to complete performances of three early LPs (1971's 'The Yes Album,' 1972's 'Close to the Edge,' and 1977's 'Going for the One'). "We thought this would be a good time to employ this strategy and see how it works, and ticket buyers seem to be quite excited by it," explained Squire. Added White, "I think we’re all taking this very seriously and we want to perform at the highest Yes standard that we can."

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