Everyone has favorites from Motley Crue's career-building first three albums – Too Fast for Love, Shout at the Devil and Theatre of Pain. Hits from their next pair of albums, the No. 2 smash Girls, Girls Girls and the chart-topping Dr. Feelgood, were all over the radio. But what about the choice deep cuts and often-overlooked songs that round out their celebrated recording career? Here's a look at Motley Crue's 10 most underrated songs:

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    'Starry Eyes'

    From: 'Too Fast for Love' (1981)

    It's still unknown just who inspired the Nikki Sixx-penned "Starry Eyes," but clearly they had an impact on Motley Crue's songwriting bassist. Maybe too big of an impact: Motley Crue has rarely returned to this truly tortured love song in concert, and hasn't consistently played it on tour since 1982.

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    'Use it or Lose it'

    From: 'Theatre of Pain' (1985)

    Motley Crue delivers some simple but important advice to anybody who hopes to achieve all the amazing things they've done in their lives: Time is short, make the best of it. Tommy Lee's typically strong, over-caffeinated beat and Vince Neil's rapid-fire vocal delivery emphasize the point perfectly.

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    From: 'Generation Swine' (1997)

    Vince Neil returned from a six-year absence for Generation Swine, which featured this gigantic, menacing industrial-tinged groove. Reportedly some of the music for the record was already written with replacement singer John Corabi in mind. So Sixx handled the low, growling verses and Vince the high parts, as they warned of the dangers of falling in love with a drug addict.

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    'Motherfucker of the Year'

    From: 'Saints of Los Angeles' (2008)

    The next song in our list of 10 Most Underrated Motley Crue Songs, tucked away on Saints of Los Angeles, proved they hadn't lost much on their fastball. Vince Neil takes a shot at the critics who "wish I'd go away" – on the way to a huge, sneering F.U. of a chorus.

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    From 'Motley Crue' (1994)

    The band's only album without Vince Neil has understandably taken a backseat in many fans' memories. However, there's some great, sophisticated stuff there. Especially noteworthy is this nearly seven-minute long epic, which showcases Corabi's gritty vocals, as well as string work and production that once again betrays the band's love of the Beatles.

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    'Slice of Your Pie'

    From: 'Dr. Feelgood' (1989)

    This LP's quality and success makes it probably the hardest album from which to choose an underrated song. That said, the swampy, grinding "Slice of Your Pie" would have gotten more attention had it appeared anywhere else. Their love for the Fab Four rears its head once again as Motley Crue gives a big nod toward "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" with the arpeggiated chords at the end.

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    'First Band on the Moon'

    From 'New Tattoo' (2000)

    One of the funniest songs in their entire career finds Motley Crue lamenting the over-seriousness of the music scene at the turn of the century, and dreaming of taking a rocket ship to a place that loves arena rock. Here's a special shout-out for the awesome instrumental breakdown in the middle – and a fond remembrance of departed drummer Randy Castillo, who replaced Lee so admirably on this album.

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    'Louder Than Hell'

    From: 'Theatre of Pain' (1985)

    Subtlety is not one of Motley Crue's strong suits, and besides it would have robbed fans of spell-it-all-out anthems like this stomping ode to all things amplified. Guitarist Mick Mars shines throughout, alternating between a crawling, lava-hot riff and squealing high notes.

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    'All in the Name of ...'

    From: 'Girls Girls Girls' (1987)

    Motley Crue used this song to kick off concerts on their Girls Girls Girls tour, and the dirty, souped-up take on Chuck Berry-style rock 'n' roll fit the bill very nicely. The track has pretty much disappeared from sight since then, which is understandable given the depth of their catalog. Still, in the midst of a dream set list, you can be sure we'd be screaming for this one.

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    'Red Hot'

    From: 'Shout at the Devil' (1983)

    There's a reason "Red Hot" became the first archival song on Motley Crue's 2019 retrospective album, The Dirt Soundtrack. The side-two opener from their second studio LP finds songwriters Sixx, Mars and Neil winding up to the kind of speed-metal heroics usually reserved for Motorhead.

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