Twisted Sister fans can get an early peek at the band's new live release, Metal Meltdown Live at the Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas — A Concert to Honor A.J. Pero, with this exclusive premiere of "We're Not Gonna Take It."

As previously reported, Metal Meltdown — which is scheduled to arrive in stores July 22 — captures the group's first show following the death of drummer A.J. Pero. With Dream Theater and Winery Dogs vet Mike Portnoy filling the void, the band delivered a 90-minute set that included a filmed Pero solo.

"Because it was a memorial in the truest sense, to A.J. Pero, the whole weekend was emotional, not just the show," said guitarist Jay Jay French. "When you stand in front of someone for over 30 years and, especially a drummer as amazing and unique as A.J., you almost feel like you are cheating on your wife! The song ‘Burn in Hell’ has A.J.'s drum solo on film. This was not an edit, it was shown live in real time and it was just overwhelming."

"This evening in Las Vegas was particularly emotional ... it was the band's first time playing without A.J. since they reunited, and it was my very first performance with the band," added Portnoy. "The fact that it was being immortalized for this DVD added an extra layer of significance for what was already an emotional night, and I think the band came through with all guns (and hearts) blazing! It is an honor for me to be on board with the legendary Twisted f---ing Sister to both honor A.J. and the band's amazing legacy and help finish out their final chapter with them."

In addition to the evening's performance, the Metal Meltdown CD-DVD/Blu-ray package includes Rockshow, that offers a career-spanning overview of the group's history. Twisted Sister remain in the middle of their farewell tour.

"It never matters where I am or who I’m performing for, whether it's 100 people or 100,000, I give everything thing I have, every time," said frontman Dee Snider. "So in this way the show was no different from thousands and thousands of others. But the actual, physical memory or that incredible night, that incredible show for A.J. — though beautifully filmed and captured for posterity — will always remain in the hearts and minds of those who were there with us on that special night."

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