Tool released a brief teaser for their new album that appears to show part of its artwork.

The looping graphic displayed the release date, Aug. 30, along with a previously unseen take on the band logo, though no other information was given.

You can watch the animation below.

The new LP is thought to contain the tracks “Descending” and “Invisible,” both of which have been performed at recent concerts. The band's fifth LP follows 10,000 Days, which arrived in 2006.

Ahead of the release, Tool made their 1991 demo 72826 available for streaming on a number of leading platforms, marking the first time any of their material was available in the format.

Last year, frontman Maynard James Keenan said it had taken “11 years of begging” to receive completed music from his bandmates so that he could work on lyrics and melodies for them.

In 2016 he’d said his colleagues’ approach to writing was “tedious.” “If Tool was more prolific, if they were a little steadier, if we could get things done a little faster I would probably be happy," he said. "But things take a long time. … The other guys are very meticulous and I get bored. … The perception, of course, is that they’re waiting on me. No, that’s not the case."

At one point it had been believed that the new LP would be released in 2018. Drummer Danny Carey said in January of that year that they aimed to do so, but Keenan later dismissed the idea by responding to a fan comment with, "Not. Not coming out in summer. Not." That fueled speculation that he actually revealed the album's title as "Not" and that it was indeed set for a 2018 launch.


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