When the story of a woman who voluntarily licked whipped cream out of a radio DJ's rear end in order to win free concert tickets broke a few days ago, we were pretty confident we had heard 2014's grossest music-related story. Well, we may have been wrong.

Monday night during a concert by the popular pop-punk band Say Anything at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, singer Max Bemis gave one very unlucky security guard an early and awful Christmas present when he thew up on him right in the middle of a song. TMZ has the video, which we posted above but can't actually recommend watching.

To his, uh, credit, Bemis didn't let the incident affect his performance much, continuing the song without so much as a breath-mint break. As the parent of a two-year-old who loves to consume more dairy products than her stomach can actually handle, I certainly feel the security guard's pain -- and we sincerely hope his holiday season improves dramatically and quickly.

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