Doctors and scientists say older people need less sleep — and if TMZ is right about the Rolling Stones' tour rider, we have a pretty good idea of how the band members are using those extra waking hours on the road.

Once one of rock's most infamously hard-partying bands, the Stones have presumably mellowed a little over the years, but according to the gossip site, their backstage demands read like a list of ingredients for an all-night party — starting with their insistence that "wherever the band stays, illegal or not — the place better figure out a way to keep the booze flowing."

Other "kick-ass requests" turned up by TMZ include blacked-out windows ("so they can party as long as they want"), extra waitstaff to accommodate out-sized room-service orders, 24-hour dry cleaning, Marlboro Reds and Lights cigarettes and a written list of instructions explaining how to operate the electronic equipment in their rooms.

The Stones' riders have been a frequent subject of investigation over the years, and recently it was revealed that they require "two smartly dressed, well-groomed hostesses" to serve food in their catering room, as well as specific flower arrangements and room to set up their traveling snooker table.

It's worth noting that, according to the band, its demands are relatively simple, especially taking into account the fact that they travel with a 300-member organization whose efficiency is reportedly the envy of the touring circuit. As Charlie Watts told the Australian press prior to the Stones' most recent dates Down Under, "I don’t have a rider. I think they’re silly. I hate having people around me, except my wife and daughter."

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