As Mick Jagger exited the stage at the Rolling Stones' final show of 2012, he told the crowd at New Jersey's Prudential Center, “This is our last show ... of the 50th anniversary tour. Hope to see you again soon.” With the band celebrating fifty years of rock and roll, expectations ran high and, by most all accounts, they surpassed them. So after two shows in London and this short East Coast run, we quote Peggy Lee and ask, "Is that all there is?"

"I think the Stones have always done things their own way, and they will always continue to do things their own way," former Stones guitarist Mick Taylor told Billboard. Taylor, who joined his long lost brothers as a "special guest" at several of the anniversary concerts, went on to say, "I think everybody is having a good time on stage. It's more than just nostalgia. I think they just feel re-energized and possibly very enthusiastic about doing things in the future." He added, "I feel re-energized by the experience too."

"We ain’t doing all this for four gigs!,” Keith Richards recently told Rolling Stone, and rumors are already running wild about the band's plans for more in 2013 with talk of Coachella in the US and Glastonbury in the UK being tossed around as possible bigger events. 

If Taylor gets the call for more next year, will he be on board? "I'm up for [it] 150 percent, yes," he emphatically said. "It's been really amazing, thrilling and exciting. It's been great to play with the band again. I still get the same feeling that I used to get when we played on stage before ... We weren't thinking about 50 years back when I was in the band. We were living in the moment, and I'm really enjoying the moment right now."

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