According to Rolling, the Rolling Stones might be headed to Coachella next year. Early this morning a note under the 'Tour' section on the band's mobile app listed April 12 in Indio, California, and it was listed as 'Coachella 2013.'

However, somebody within the Stones camp realized that the news was out, and it was gone a couple of hours later. But not before sharp-eyed fans had taken screen captures of the screen and tweeted the news.

Keith Richards had previously told Rolling Stone "My experience with the Rolling Stones is that once the juggernaut starts rolling, it ain't gonna stop." adding, "We ain't doing all this for four gigs!"

It would seem a fair guess that a Stones Coachella appearance would not be out of the question, especially as rumors mount that a full-scale tour is likely to take place in 2013. It has previously been hinted that the band will make a stop next summer at another legendary festival, the Glastonbury Music Festival in the U.K..

Coachella 2013 will take place in Indio, California over two weekends: April 12-14 and April 19-21.