Queensrÿche have offered fans their first glimpse of the band's upcoming album by posting "Arrow of Time," a song from the new LP.

Previously available only to those who pledged toward the crowdfunded album, "Arrow of Time" is now streaming at the Queensrÿche Soundcloud page. As singer Todd La Torre explains in the thank-you video above, "Arrow" is "a little sliver" of the new record, which is being prepped for an October release.

"We have a bunch of new material we've working on the last two years, since we rolled in with Todd, stuff we've been digging deep and working on longer than just the last few months," drummer Scott Rockenfield told Billboard last year. "Even stuff that's been in our brains for as long as we've been musicians." Calling their previous outing, the band's first album with La Torre, "a massive defining point for us," Rockenfield enthused, "There's this massive energy going on ... It feels like we've been set free, like a bird let out of the cage and ready to fly and just go everywhere. We're able to now do so many things we'd been held back from doing, which feels great."

For fans who are interested in pre-ordering the new album but haven't pledged yet, the PledgeMusic campaign remains open, and can be accessed here. Former Queensrÿche vocalist Geoff Tate, meanwhile, is readying The Key, the new album from his current band, Operation: Mindcrime.

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