Geoff Tate has debuted the album artwork and track listing for the upcoming debut effort from his new band, Operation: Mindcrime — and he says the album, titled The Key, draws on his classic prog rock influences.

"This album is quite adventurous," promises Tate in a press release. "Of course, there are key elements in the music, melody and phrasings that are really identifiable. But throughout my career I've opened my eyes and ears to new standards and arrangements, and that's what keeps things fresh and exciting as an artist."

Saying he's "thrown out the rules for this record, and it's been really liberating," Tate plays up the "musical smorgasbord" he and the other members of the band assembled for The Key, saying, "I'm a fan of old prog, and that music didn't stick to rules. It's inspiring and enjoyable to be able to explore, and it's great being in a position to write without constraints."

Fans can catch an early glimpse of The Key in its recent album trailer, and according to the press release, the set's first single is scheduled to be out before the end of July. In the meantime, Tate says, "The songs on these records tell a story, and each song is a scene or chapter — every scene is different. The words tell the story, the musical bed, the chord progressions and melodies, they set the pace. That's how I envisioned this album in total, very theatrical and definitely cinematic."

Operation: Mindcrime's 'The Key' Track Listing
"Re-Inventing the Future"
"Ready to Fly"
"Discussions in a Smoke Filled Room"
"Life or Death?"
"The Stranger"
"Hearing Voice"
"On Queue"
"An Ambush of Sadness"
"Kicking in the Door"
"The Fall"

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