Geoff Tate's Operation: Mindcrime have posted the video for "Burn," the latest single from their upcoming album The Key.

The group worked with Seattle filmmaker Jamie Burton Chamberlin for the clip, which finds band members performing in the back of a limo while a dancer cavorts and the entire world is bathed in a purple glow. Chamberlin also helmed the video for "Re-Inventing the Future," the first single from The Key.

"It’s a story that takes three albums to tell," Tate said of the new album during a recent interview with Seattle Sound Live. "It has four main characters that are introduced in the first album ... the second one, we are in the mixing stage now and will be finished in a couple weeks and the third one is mostly written except for the last few tracks."

Even though Tate was reluctant to give away too many details too soon, he went on to offer a rough outline of the story he intends to tell with Operation: Mindcrime's upcoming album trilogy, hinting that it concerns the nature of reality and how different people might try to take advantage of technology opening a window into alternate perceptions thereof.

"In the story, a guy discovers an event, an algorithm, this program that you access by a computer and when you insert the program the information comes up on the computer screen and it gives you the ability to see beyond the reality that you were brought up with, the reality that has been programmed into you," he explained. "The four characters realize 'Wow, this is incredible,' and then the question arises, 'Well, what we do with it? Do we sell it for massive wealth? Or is it something so important that we should give it to the world? Because it’s going to change everything.'"

The Key is due out Sept. 18 and is available for pre-order now.

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