Two weeks after posting the promo clip for their new single "Burn," Operation: Mindcrime have followed suit with a lyric video for another new song, "The Stranger."

Led by former Queensrÿche singer Geoff Tate, the band is scheduled to release its debut LP, The Key, on Sept. 18. Promising that he's "thrown out the rules for this record, and it’s been really liberating," Tate said in a press release announcing the LP that he was inspired by his love of "old prog" and a new ability to "write without constraints."

"The songs on these records tell a story, and each song is a scene or chapter — every scene is different," he added. "The words tell the story, the musical bed, the chord progressions and melodies, they set the pace. That’s how I envisioned this album in total, very theatrical and definitely cinematic."

As previously reported, Tate envisions The Key as a the first installment in a trilogy of albums, all of which will come together to complete a story about the nature of reality.

"In the story, a guy discovers an event, an algorithm, this program that you access by a computer and when you insert the program the information comes up on the computer screen and it gives you the ability to see beyond the reality that you were brought up with, the reality that has been programmed into you,” he explained. “The four characters realize ‘Wow, this is incredible,’ and then the question arises, ‘Well, what we do with it? Do we sell it for massive wealth? Or is it something so important that we should give it to the world? Because it’s going to change everything.’"

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