As previously reported, Roger Taylor is looking to put together ultimate Queen tribute band. Almost 100 people have had their audition tapes posted thus far documenting their efforts to be part of the Queen Extravaganza. A few video submissions have been brilliant, most have been ordinary, and some are just strange.

The guitar solo from 'Killer Queen' is a favorite for potential guitarists to audition on, and Gilbert Bonilla is as impressive as anyone. He also gets extra style points for showing some rock star flare while flawlessly ripping through the solo. That's important; far too many submissions are musically sound, but the artist chooses the equivalent of Dockers khakis for their onstage ensemble.

This unnamed songstress might take the costuming a little too far however. "In a golden cage, but unable to unlock the door, this bird sings he (sic) soul out," she writes in the description for her video for 'I Want to Break Free.' Freddy Mercury certainly brought an eccentric stage panache to the show, but he also knew his limitations.

It's difficult to tell if drummer Chris Brush is the best of the sticked contenders thus far, but he certainly brings a sense of humor that few others have shown. It seems like he'd be a fun tourmate if nothing else. We're not sure the same can be said for this Brazilian Freddie Mercury hopeful. Two tips: wear a shirt, and get rid of the swarm of bees.

Watch Gilbert Bonilla's Audition for Queen Extravaganza

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