Auditions for Roger Taylor's Queen tribute band have started to be uploaded at, and the drummer has been kind enough to share a few on YouTube. The results have been ... interesting. Don't let the very unrockstar-like Old Navy t-shirt fool you, the man pictured above could be chosen as the new Freddie Mercury.

The singer confidently introduces himself and points out "the dirty stache" before hitting play on his accompaniment. One has time during the opening bars of 'Somebody to Love' to make note of his poorly kept apartment before - Wow! If everyone in the Queen-approved rock band is as good as "Mark," this promises to be quite a show.

Of course, not everyone is going to be that good. This youngster suffers from a crude understanding of the English language and boombox quality background music for his version of 'Seven Seas of Rhye.' We thought the Queen t-shirt was a nice touch, although it seems doubtful Mercury would ever walk on stage in his band's merchandise.

Here's a college student's take on the same song. We appreciate his attempt at stage presence, but he seems somewhat constrained in a dorm room. Is that a jumbo sized box of Goldfish crackers over his right shoulder?


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