Queen drummer Roger Taylor concedes he's getting "a little long in the tooth" and that he and guitarist Brian May may not be the best candidates to take the legendary rock band's music worldwide any longer. However he's found the alternatives -- cover bands -- most unsatisfying. So they're putting together their own tribute band.

Beginning Monday, the next Taylor, May or even Freddie Mercury can upload his or her audition video to QueenExtravaganza.com. The band will sort through the tapes and pick out the best. "I'm quite convinced that there are tens of thousands of kids, of really talented people, in their bedrooms around the world playing drums, playing guitar, and singing," Taylor tells Rolling Stone. "And I want to find some of those people. And of course we want young people because we're no longer young (laughs)."

The final result, the Queen Extravaganza show, will not only feature the band's music, but also unseen footage and spectacular production. Taylor said he's working on that part already. "We're putting the show together now, so what I wanted to do is leave sort of places in the show which Brian and myself could roll up and do a turn, maybe if we're starting a run somewhere exciting. So that would be an option, but, in general, this show will not feature a Queen band member."

The tribute band would be more than a one-turn act. Taylor says he envisions this project carrying on the band's legacy even after he's given up creative control. "All these things are possible so it could be a never ending tour."

We just can't believe someone beat Kiss to this idea.

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