From the Prince of F---ing Darkness to a royal knight? If a growing number of fans have their way, that could be the next step in the long, strange journey of Ozzy Osbourne.

The Birmingham Mail (via Bravewords) reports that an Australian woman named Helen Maidiotis started the campaign to have Ozzy knighted via the online petition host Causes, whose founders probably didn't have anything like this in mind when they started the site. According to the report, Maidiotis initially sought to have each original member of Black Sabbath knighted, but she eventually realized it would be easier to focus her energies on Osbourne.

Of course, online petitions are a dime a dozen, and using them as a forum to coerce greater recognition for one's favorite artist is nothing new -- just ask the woman who's been trying to get Player in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for years -- but this time it's Ozzy, man, so Maidiotis' efforts have made something of a splash this time around.

All the attention hasn't quite translated into signatures yet -- her petition has 260 as of this writing, which is fewer than the one demanding that Player be inducted into the Rock Hall -- but with nearly a year remaining on the campaign, we're sure Maidiotis will collect plenty of names before her time's up. Of course, given that British knighthoods are awarded at the crown's discretion, it probably won't amount to much, but it's still a nice gesture from a fan to an artist she refers to as "an inspiration to many great musicians" and "a credit to his country."

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