Okay, so obviously One Direction's Harry Styles doesn't come close in the rock star reputation or talent level competition as the one and only Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger, but the striking resemblance between the two is so crazy we needed to point it out.

We're pretty positive the only thing they'd have in common besides looks is their accent. Mick's more of a rock-n-roller, groupie-loving, actual rocker while Harry's... in One Direction. Though maybe that's not necessarily a negative thing, considering those guys are ripping up the charts. But the bond between the two may grow stronger soon; if recent rumors are to believed Styles just might play Jagger in an upcoming movie.

The 'Tumbling Dice' crooner sure has changed over the years. He's got some more wrinkles; his hair seems to be a bit thinner; and his rooster is a bit more distinct today. Actually, if it's possible he might be even skinnier today. Regardless, Mick can still belt out the hits and work a crowd like none other.

So what do you think? Is Harry going for a young Mick kind of thing?

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