A biopic about Mick Jagger and Keith Richards called 'Exile on Main St.' is in the works, with the casting stage reportedly underway. Rumor has it that Harry Styles, one of the members of British boy band One Direction, is in the running to play the Rolling Stones' frontman in the project, which is being funded by Virgin's Richard Branson.

Why Harry Styles? Well, for one thing, there is some physical similarity between the teen and this weekend's 'SNL' host. A source said, “Harry on stage can pass as a dead ringer for Jagger. If he can transform this image into a movie role, then he’s going to be a serious candidate to get the part. The signs so far are good.”

Styles also has some serious time commitments in terms of band touring, though, which could prohibit him from taking the role. Word is that the powers-that-be might even delay the project if need be in order to accommodate Styles' schedule. That's pretty impressive and indicates just how badly the producers want him for the role.

One Direction are the hottest thing in pop music, so this casting isn't a shock. It could actually be a good thing to boost the film and get tons of Styles' younger fans into the multiplex to get their classic rock education!


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