You know ZZ Top and their legendary beards, but did you know that the one member of the Texas trio without wild facial hair is actually named Frank Beard? How funny is that?!

Which means he's the one that Kesha isn't obsessed with. You see, the pop diva who has been all over the radio in recent years with hits like 'Tik Tok'  and 'We R Who We R'  (trust us, you'd know them if you heard them) has a thing for beards -- to the point that she started a Tumblr blog dedicated to random hairy faces, a la Put Your Beard in My Mouth. And when it comes to beards, who has better ones that the two members of ZZ Top who aren't Frank Beard?

But this is where it gets weird. Kesha took her fuzzy love to whole new level when she posted a pic of herself wearing a fake beard and sunglasses (and a viking hat, but we won't get into that). So now not only does she love beards, she has one -- and with it, looks amazingly like a member of ZZ Top. We could probably pick either as a Kesha look-alike, but where gonna go with Billy Gibbons here -- if for no other reason, then because his hat is two horns away from her Kesha Viking cap.

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