A touching new tribute video makes clear the lasting impact of Malcolm Young's music in light of the AC/DC co-founder's recent retirement following a diagnosis of dementia. The above clip, compiled by Brazilian radio station 89FM, shows fellow dementia sufferers' reaction to AC/DC's music as they share an important message.

“Malcolm, these are real people who suffer from diseases like yours," the station notes in a statement accompanying the video. "Most of their memories have disappeared. And you see, while listening to your riffs, what they clearly forgot was their dementia."

Their reactions to AC/DC are simply priceless. "Love in every sense," one of the dementia patients says. "Love, sex, altogether ... Bang! It was the bomb."

89FM is also hoping to get a new hashtag, #unforgettableriffs, to begin trending in honor of Young, who left AC/DC before the arrival of last year's Rock or Bust album.

“Although you might someday forget about the world, the world will never forget you, Malcolm," states the video. "Your music will always be stronger than your disease.”

Referred to as AC/DC's spiritual leader by frontman Brian Johnson, Young is credited as co-writer on each of the new album's 11 tracks, though the guitarist is now in a full-time care facility in Australia and did not perform on Rock or Bust.

AC/DC have since returned to the road after appearances at the Grammys and Coachella, and boasting a reworked lineup that includes nephew Stevie Young in Malcolm's place.

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