Former Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell remembered how he was terrified the first time he met future bandmate Lemmy Kilmister.

The moment took place in Cardiff, Wales, around 1973, when Campbell was 12 years old. He only recently attended his first rock show, where he’d seen Deep Purple.

“Shortly after that I went to the same place in Cardiff to see Hawkwind, with Lemmy playing,” Campbell says in the exclusive video below. “With the light show and the weird talking, it scared the shit out of me – I still have nightmares about it! It was a full-blown show and they were at the top of their game then. It was very memorable.

“I asked him for his autograph that night. I’ve still got it on the program. … He’s the only one who came into the foyer afterwards. He was looking for some fun and games, or whatever – the local casino, probably.”

Campbell says he reminded Lemmy of the incident during their time together in Motorhead: “I told him lots of times, like, ‘Yeah, you’ve told me that one, Phil. Shut the fuck up!’ ... If somebody had said to me that night that I’d be in a band with him for, like, 32 years, you’d get them locked up.”

Campbell releases his new solo album Old Lions Still Roar on Oct. 25. It features guest appearances by Alice Cooper, Rob Halford, Dee Snider, Joe Satriani, Mick Mars and others. It’s available for pre-order now.

He’s currently taking part in the Megacruise in California, followed by tour dates across the U.K. and Europe.

Phil Campbell Old Lions Still Roar
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Phil Campbell, 'Old Lions Still Roar' Track Listing
1. “Rocking Chair” feat. Leon Stanford
2. “Straight Up” feat. Rob Halford
3. “Faith In Fire” feat. Ben Ward
4. “Swing It” feat. Alice Cooper
5. “Left For Dead” feat. Nev MacDonald
6. “Walk The Talk” feat. Danko Jones & Nick Oliveri
7. “These Old Boots” feat. Dee Snider, Mick Mars & Chris Fehn
8. “Dancing Dogs (Love Survives)” feat. Whitfield Crane
9. “Dead Roses” feat. Benji Webbe
10. “Tears From A Glass Eye” feat. Joe Satriani


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