Kiss fans can expect to hear the band's much-anticipated album 'Monster' in July, according to a recent interview with bassist Gene Simmons. He also revealed -- hopefully jokingly, for all the mail carriers in the world -- that the band's upcoming oversized photo book will weigh over 100 pounds.

According to Billboard, Simmons claims the new album is "either the best or one of the top three records we've ever done. It's like (1992's) 'Revenge' meets (1976's) 'Destroyer' -- just guitar and drums, nothing else. No keyboards, no little boys' choir, no strings, no nothing." As a side note, this marks the first time in 29 years that the band's 1982 album 'Creatures of the Night' wasn't mentioned as a reference point when describing an upcoming release.

Now, back to this 100 pound book. We'd already seen proof of just how big the pictures were going to be, and it seems there's going to be a whole lot of them included: "It's something you can't put on your coffee table, 'cause it'll crush it. It IS the coffee table." We're putting the over/under for the cost of this baby at $500, anyone feeling lucky?

Kiss hit the road with Motley Crue beginning July 20 in Bristow, Va., and Simmons says fans can expect an extended trek -- "Let's just say it's going to be a two-year long tour" -- in order to include celebrations of their 40th anniversary as a band (1973) and the release of their first album in 1974.

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