Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is currently recovering from surgery. But before you get all worried about the legendary axeman and his health, realize that he underwent a relatively minor and routine procedure -- having laser eye surgery to correct his deteriorating vision. At 68 years of age, Richards, now also a best-selling author, had been dealing with his vision breaking down for quite some time now.

Even rock and roll legends have to deal with the effects of aging! Props to Richards for actually going out and doing something about it, since the technology and science is available to make improved vision an option. A spokesperson for the guitarist said that Richards is "doing very well." Hopefully, he will be seeing 20/20 imminently!

Since rumors have been flying around that the Stones will be commemorating their 50th anniversary by embarking on a world tour at some point this year, perhaps Richards had his vision corrected as a preparatory move so he could see everyone and everything more crisply and clearly from the stage?

Regardless, Ultimate Classic Rock wishes Richards a speedy recuperative period.

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