Former Kyuss frontman John Garcia announced the release of a new album on Jan. 4, 2019, and suggested it could be his last one.

Titled John Garcia and the Band of Gold, the 11-track LP is described by Napalm Records as “combining the strengths of his musical past with the achievements of modern times.”

“After a year of heavy stress, starting my own studio, shutting it down, hiring and firing, the drama is finally over,” Garcia said in a statement. “Saved by surgeon [producer] Chris Goss, this record is finally done. It is unclear if I will ever be doing this again, so this is it. Here it is, proud and loud John Garcia and the Band of Gold record comes out Jan. 4 with supporting tour thereafter.”

Garcia also confirmed a concert at Vinyl in Las Vegas featuring former Kyuss colleague Nick Oliveri, plus Dave Angstrom, formerly of Hermano, and Arthur Seay, ex of Unida. “The Vegas jam is my only U.S. electric show and will prove to be something special,” Garcia added. “I thank my supporters, you keep me going – big love!”

The studio album features guitarist Ehren Groban, bassist Mike Pygmie and drummer Greg Saenz. The release will be followed by a run of tour dates across Europe and the U.K. from Jan. 23 to Feb. 23.

John Garcia, 'John Garcia and the Band of Gold' Track Listing
1. “Space Vato”
2. “Jim's Whiskers”
3. “Chicken Delight”
4. “Kentucky II”
5. “My Everything”
6. “Lillianna“
7. “Popcorn (Hit Me When You Can)”
8. “Apache Juncion”
9. “Don't Even Think About It”
10. “Cheyletiella”
11. “Softer Side”

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