A 14-song collection of Black Sabbath's biggest hits will be released in the U.K. on June 4. According to multiple media sources, 'Iron Man: The Best of Black Sabbath' will include cuts from the metal band's first eight albums.

'N.I.B.,' 'The Wizard' and the title track of their 1970 debut album 'Black Sabbath' are amongst the cuts, as are hits like 'Iron Man' and 'War Pigs' from 'Paranoid.' The only songs featured are those from albums in which Ozzy Osbourne served as frontman.

Sanctuary is releasing the album, which as of now will be available only in the U.K. This is far from the first greatest hits album for Black Sabbath. As of this writing, the most popular collection is the 1976 album 'We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll,' with sold over two million copies in the U.S.

The band is also working an album of new material, but if that project is pushed back beyond the summer tour dates Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler have scheduled, this album will serve as a nice placeholder. It's still not clear if drummer Bill Ward will participate in the band's Lollapalooza show and the pair of overseas dates listed on their official website.

Random note: seven of the 10 songs on our Top 10 Black Sabbath Songs list turn up on this collection.

'Iron Man: The Best of Black Sabbath' Tracklist

1. 'Paranoid'
2 'Iron Man'
3. 'Changes'
4. 'Fairies Wear Boots'
5. 'War Pigs'
6. 'Never Say Die'
7. 'Children of the Grave'
8. 'The Wizard'
9. 'Snowblind'
10. 'Sweet Leaf'
11. 'Evil Woman'
12. 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'
13. 'Black Sabbath'
14. 'N.I.B.'

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