Is a television show that purports to put a grieving father in contact with the spirit of his dead daughter doing a service by tapping into the great beyond, or just a really sad example of creepy exploitation? That's for you to decide, but either way, you can now stream the complete episode of Lifetime's 'The Haunting Of...' that recently focused on Vince Neil.

As we previously reported, Neil's episode of the series finds him returning to the site of an incident during which he believes he came into contact with the spirit of Skylar, the four-year-old daughter he lost to kidney cancer in 1995. Cameras follow Neil into the room where his experience took place and film him saying, "I want to hear from my daughter. She came to me and told me ‘I will see you again.’ I’ve never seen her again" -- after which things take a detour into the seriously disturbing, as host and alleged spiritual medium Kim Russo tells Neil he's being pursued by a "dark energy."

Neil, who earlier appeared on the Travel Channel's 'Ghost Adventures' series, is obviously predisposed to believe in the paranormal, and he claims he experienced "unexplained, first-hand encounters, including scratch marks on one woman’s back, cold sensations, voices and knocking," as well as "the shocking, overwhelming physical experience of our lives." You can watch the episode and judge for yourself at

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