This week's episode of Lifetime Movie Network's original series 'The Haunting Of' will find host and psychic medium Kim Russo investigating the "dark energy" that she says is following Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil.

In the trailer seen above, Russo and Neil return to the home where Neil says that he played with his late daughter Skylar six months after she passed away from kidney cancer. Entering the room where the paranormal encounter occurred, he says, "I want to hear from my daughter. She came to me and told me 'I will see you again.' I've never seen her again."

Blabbermouth reports that Russo subsequently determines that "Vince is being followed by a dark energy that has been causing devastating consequences in his life."

This isn't the first instance of Neil partaking in the discovery of paranormal activities. He had previously appeared on the Travel Channel's 'Ghost Adventures' in 2012, throwing a party in the penthouse suite of the Riviera Hotel in the hopes of conjuring up the Ghost of Vegas Past.

“After what we experienced, I now really believe in this paranormal phenomena,” Neil told Robin Leach of the Las Vegas Sun. “We experienced unexplained, first-hand encounters, including scratch marks on one woman’s back, cold sensations, voices and knocking,” he continued. “But when we went into Room 908, we really had the shocking, overwhelming physical experience of our lives.”

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