For years, Guns N' Roses fans have been hoping for a reunion of the band's classic lineup -- and now that G N' R are officially members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Class of 2012, it's time for speculation to begin in earnest.

While original guitarist Slash simply tweeted "It's quite an honor to be inducted," and founding bassist Duff McKagan merely re-tweeted the original announcement,  ex-Guns drummers Steven Adler and Matt Sorum, have recently weighed in on a potential reunion at the Hall of Fame ceremony on April 14. Like the rest of us, they've got their fingers crossed; in fact, Adler's crossing his toes for extra good luck.

"It would mean so much to me," Adler said when asked by Rolling Stone about the possibility of Axl Rose showing up for a performance with his former bandmates. "I personally just want to finish what I started with those jack-offs. We started off something, let's end the career playing together, at least once."

Of course, if the opportunity arose, Adler would be happy to keep going with the old crew. "I'd love to do a whole tour of the world," he continued. "I personally, and I know that Slash and Duff feel the same way, we owe it to the fans to do a tour around the world. We haven't performed for over twenty years and they've stuck by us and believe in us. I get tweets every day from people around the world saying how much they love the original band."

But Adler was also quick to point out that other former Guns members deserve to be part of the festivities. "When it comes to after I left, I do believe that Matt Sorum and Dizzy Reed both have every right to be inducted, too. Dizzy did play on 'Use Your Illusion,' and he's been with Axl longer than anybody. He deserves it. Matt Sorum also played on 'Use Your Illusion.' I think that the seven of us deserve it."

Speaking of Sorum, the other ex-Guns drummer weighed in on the Hall of Fame during a separate interview. Asked if he thinks the classic lineup will ever perform together again, he responded, "I hope so. We're about to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, which is pretty cool, but I can't really say about another tour. It's down to Slash and Axl to patch things up."

That's easier said than done, obviously -- but it's far from impossible. As Adler put it: "Can't we just be f---ing people who played music and accomplished a huge goal in their life and just play a couple songs? It's only rock and roll, my god! It's not rocket science."

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