Last night on 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels,'  Shannon Tweed tells Gene Simmons “Your whole life has been a bachelor party, so you’re not getting one!” and it’s hard not to laugh because after all, could she be more right?

Ultimately, Gene gets his bachelor party but it pales in comparison next to Shannon’s risqué night out with the girls. “I don’t mind a little make-up on my man” she tells Gene the following day when he learns that she was the one who set up the cross-dressers that danced at his bachelor party unbeknownst to him.

Tweed has also decided to ‘hold out’ on him because “it’s tradition” and as he puts on his best Pepe Le Pew in the bedroom, you almost start to feel sorry for the Demon.

The first hour is a complete countdown to the big day; the dress, the flowers, the marriage license, the rings and (of course) they made quite the issue out of writing their vows. The rehearsal dinner followed which naturally found the Gene's Kiss bandmate Paul Stanley getting his share of camera time.

The second hour brings us to the big day, including a touching moment when the “handsome devil” puts that tux on and the family gets tight. Gene calls his Mom, Sophie helps her Mom get dressed, Nick helps Dad with the appropriate handkerchief and strangely enough, Gene (who a couple of episodes back seemed baffled by the idea of a tuxedo) helps all the groomsman with their bow ties.

When Gene and Shannon finally meet in the garden for photos, he looks stunned at her beauty but not nervous at all. In fact now, Mr. Never Get Married can't wait to tie the knot.

Gene got a standing ovation when he walked down the aisle, which normally is a tradition reserved for the bride and after the rest of the bridal party made it to the front, Snippy (the dog) made his grand entrance.

Insert dramatic pause (as if she might not arrive at the alter) before the bride arrives escorted by her Mom. After their sweet vows were exchanged and the couple finally said “I do,” the crowd roared, especially loudly for Gene.

The latter part of the episode focused on the reception, where Sophie sang the song for the couples first dance and both her and Nick made really cool toasts, followed by Nick singing a song and Gene dancing with his daughter. After all this build up, it must be said, it was a party that was quite splendid to watch. Paul also made a speech that was serious yet funny, calling Gene the brother he never had.

Shannon took the microphone for her song before they cut the cake and Gene desperately tried to get drunk (for the first time in his life) but failed miserably, nearly spitting out the bubbly.

Shannon then tells the camera the best Kiss concert she’s ever been to was at her own wedding, as the camera then flashed to the band playing ‘Rock And Roll All Nite.’ Hugh Hefner, Bill Moyer, and Duane Dog Chapman were amongst the 300 guests in attendance. Whether you watched by their side or from your TV set, it was a monumental and blissful moment for the entire Simmons family.

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