Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed will finally wed tomorrow (in TV land) after a 28 year courtship, and tonight's (Oct. 17) two hour special leading up to the nuptials was split in two halves. Part one was a far too serious 60 minute therapeutic snooze while part two was the redemption, with two 30 minute flashback episodes that reminded us why we liked 'Simmons Family Jewels' to begin with.

Here's the deal; there is no marriage boot camp on earth that is going to remove the devil from Gene's shoulder, or conquer the never-ending battle to improve the communication problems that he and Tweed have. According to Tweed, the "God Of Thunder" has a lot of emotional baggage to unpack. A serious therapy session concluded that for the groom to be, it's all about the wedding day, as for Tweed, it's more about the happy ever after.

The group therapy (aka marriage boot camp) brings forward some hard evidence; she wants to change him, he doesn't want her to change, she hates secrets and infidelity, he thinks too much of his mother and can't forgive his father, there's the devastation, the crying and then out comes the casket. Yes, Tweed gets in a casket and plays dead in hopes of conjuring up some real feelings in a guy who's worn heavy plated armor most of his lifetime. Yawn.

Part two is much more enjoyable as the therapist has the couple focus in on the positive aspects of their relationship. A trip down memory lane takes us back to Season One, reminding us how much the pair's children, Nick and Sophie have grown up in front of our eyes. Early film footage reveals a far younger Simmons and Tweed hanging out at the Playboy Mansion, while home movies are shown of the couple at the hospital when Sophie was born. A romantic vacation in Hawaii in '08 and Gene's 60th birthday party reminds the couple that though they've had their hang-ups they'd be completely lost without each other.

During the last segment the therapist makes Gene rehash the lessons he learned in regards to mixing business with pleasure. Recalling the time when Tweed attempted to assist him with his business affairs upsets him as it was a venture that forced him to fire her. Lets hope he's a bit more tolerant when it comes to their marriage commitment.

The special two hour wedding event will broadcast on A&E tonight (Tuesday Oct. 18) at 9PM ET.

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