Van Halen finally returned to the stage over the weekend (April 20) at the Stone Music Festival in Sydney, Australia and look who showed up for the festivities – Joe Perry and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Okay, in all fairness, Aerosmith was on the bill as well, but it still made for some great photo ops behind the scenes.

Need further proof? Check out this photo of Eddie Van Halen hanging out with the Toxic Twins backstage before Van Halen’s set. EVH shared it on Twitter, saying, “With Steven and Joe before the show last night.” All three are looking happy and most importantly healthy. Eddie Van Halen recently posted a video for fans updating them on his health and letting them know that he's looking forward to getting back out on the road after being sidelined last August with diverticulitis and emergency surgery.

Van Halen’s first show of 2013 was not without some challenges though. The skies opened up raining down on the crowd during their set, but that didn’t seem to deter their spirit at all as Wolfgang Van Halen tweeted after the show, “What an amazing gig, Sydney!! Thank you so much for fighting through the rain to see us. Can't wait till next time!”

Next up for Van Halen are four shows in Japan in June.