Eagles have made their official debut on YouTube, launching eight remastered videos from their archives.

The collection includes the classic 1977 live performance of “Hotel California.” (A bootleg version had already reached a million page views since being published six years ago.) Also featured are “Hole in the World,” “In the City,” “I Can’t Tell You Why,” “How Long,” “Busy Being Fabulous” and live versions of “No More Cloudy Days” and “Take It Easy.” All eight clips can be seen below.

“How Long” and “Busy Being Fabulous” originally appeared on Eagles’ seventh and most recent album, 2007’s Long Road Out of Eden. Timothy B. Schmidt said in September that it was probably their last-ever new music, though the group has continued on the road for another 15 years.

“We toured behind our last album … and put in five to seven of those songs, but we don’t do them anymore because there wasn’t a big reaction,” he said. “When people come to see the Eagles, they want to hear ‘Best of My Love,’ ‘One of These Nights,’ all these things. So we give it to them.”

Vince Gill, who joined the lineup after Glenn Frey's 2016 death, confirmed in 2021 that there didn’t “seem to be any kind of attempt” at writing – though he felt it was a “pretty healthy” move from his perspective. “You’ve just got that catalog of material and every night it’s great song after great song after great song,” he said. “There are a few things that have popped up and kind of evolved. It’s working and everybody seems to be having a good time.”

Meanwhile, the Eagles are continuing a tour where they perform the Hotel California album in full, alongside a selection of classic tracks, with dates recently added for February and March.

Watch the Eagles Video for ‘Hole in the World’

Watch the Eagles Video for ‘In the City’

Watch the Eagles Video for ‘I Can’t Tell You Why’

Watch the Eagles Video for ‘How Long’

Watch the Eagles Video for ‘No More Cloudy Days (Live)’

Watch the Eagles Video for ‘Hotel California (Live)’

Watch the Eagles Video for ‘Take It Easy (Live on MTV)’

Watch the Eagles Video for ‘Busy Being Fabulous’

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