No matter what you've heard, the guys in Van Halen are getting along just fine, thankyouverymuch, and only postponed some concert dates because they "bit off more than they could chew."

That's the skinny straight from VH frontman David Lee Roth, who recorded a video to explain the recent events -- in his own words.

In the clip, shot in the woods of Minnesota, Roth says the band is "getting along famously, better than we have in quite some time," and that they're "having a helluva time" on tour.

That directly contradicts a Rolling Stone piece in which tour insiders confided the band members “hate each other” and are "arguing like mad." Even former VH singer Sammy Hagar weighed in, saying, “I’m surprised it took this long. I predicted this was going to happen a lot sooner ... They’re hard people to get along with, those brothers."

Not so, counters Roth. That slew of postponed dates was simply a matter of sanity.

"The band is winning, but the schedule has been sidelined for unnecessary roughness," he explains, adding that since the tour is going to run for about two years, the break is necessary to prevent the guys from turning into robots of themselves.

In other words: no drama. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Watch David Lee Roth Talk About Van Halen's Postponed Tour Dates

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